Since its inception, we have believed that it is very important to set professional behaviour guidelines that are an extension of the character of the people who found NORTH LINE, and that allow us to, all the times, identify a commitment and an objective.

The aspects that we consider to be the pillars of our business philosophy and business development can be summarized as follows:


of organisms, entities or economic and political groups, managing our commitment to the clients and employees with the maximum freedom and without pressures or external factors.


in professional and personal behaviour, framing in this aspect the will to make our own the problems of others and supporting their resolution.


in everything that refers to our business activity, giving customer global support and continuing to make them feel the uniqueness of our service when it comes to meeting their needs, giving the best of us at all times.


in everything that is technological development of our professional work, without forgetting where it comes from and where it goes, providing in our activity innovative solutions that allow us to meet rewarding challenges.


and bringing together the best technical team that develops and bases our activity, allowing the human and professional development of all our staff, supporting their training, linking with the company and making them feel their common successes.


which we endorse with involvement where we are located and work, thinking that general well-being begins with personal connection with your peers and with your environment wherever you are.