In September 2015, a group of engineers with more than 25 years of professional trajectory and experience in the sectors in which we are specialists, created NORTH LINE with the idea of putting in value of our capacity and giving first class technical response to our customers.

We started our activity focusing on the knowledge of hydraulic, hydroelectric and water treatment engineering for private clients in different countries of

South America, Africa and the MENA region, and making presentations of our products and potential, achieving in a short time positioning in markets such as Colombia and Peru that have facilitated the opening of new offices in these countries.

Together with the Ecuadorian trade office opened in November 2015, they point out a marked orientation to the search for development in the region.
Thanks to our containerized solutions for water treatment, our design and our manufacturing, we can offer advantageously this type of plants in countries like Senegal or Saudi Arabia, where we have a commercial presence.

In 2017, in response to the search for technological and engineering solutions, we have initiated actions in Argentina, concluding collaboration agreements for works in hydraulic planning, and in Chile where we facilitate the obtaining of financing and draw up feasibility and execution studies for hydroelectric exploitation.

Day by day we see that the objectives that were set are being met, achieving with it a pride that we want to share with everyone who believes in us.