In NORTH LINE we work for all types of clients, public or private, in the design of projects at all possible levels of development: from identification, planning or preliminary studies, to detailed and constructive projects.
In this group we also group the works of control and supervision of works and of Project Management.

Our experience has started in the hydraulic sector where we stand out for our extensive references, but the services offered have been developed in the fields of singular building, environmental services and, for some time, we have opened a line of support in solar engineering works.

As far as the potentialities that we offer in the water cycle are concerned, we highlight:

River engineering. Hydrological studies, river hydraulics studies, delineation of flood zones. Riverbed defense projects.

Design of dams and reservoirs. Monitoring and safety studies of existing dams: emergency plans, operating regulations…

Generation of non-conventional resources: seawater and brackish water desalination projects, using membrane technology; wastewater treatment plant effluent reuse projects.

Water supply to populations: water collection, treatment, storage and distribution.

Modernization of irrigation areas: catchment in reservoirs or well fields, distribution through canals and pipe networks, regulation in reservoirs and application of irrigation.

Treatment of urban or industrial wastewater.

Hydroelectric energy. Projects of flow or standing dam power plants.

In NORTH LINE we participate in the construction of hydraulic works taking on different roles:

Supporting the property: performing quality audits, geometric control, quality control and technical advice.

Supporting the construction company: detailed engineering, workshop plans, technical office, coordination of health and safety, environmental monitoring…

Developing the Project Management of the works.