Currently, the company’s headquarters and central offices are located in Madrid (Spain) and we maintain permanent offices that provide support and carry out the search for business opportunities, as well as executing the work of its territorial scope, in Bogota (Colombia) and Lima (Peru).

From the Colombian office, we carry out a very broad management of institutional support to different sectors of the local society in times of social change with the identification of deficits and support in remediation.
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Dakar (Senegal) are offices of commercial representation, from where a management is carried out to make known the products of NORTH LINE, always within an adaptation to the concrete problem in each one.

The opening of permanent offices is carried out with the constitution of a local company (subsidiary) in which NORTH LINE Spain has a majority stake and which allows us, from the approach to the idiosyncrasy of each region, to contribute technology, knowledge and experience in favor of a very specific development of each country.

We adapt to local needs and our staff is based on local delegates of great value and experience.

In other countries, and always with a vision of future development, we study the possibility of agreements or alliances with complementary local companies to be able to complement the strengths of each one, resulting in better work for the final customer.


Oriented towards global support for mining operations in any country in the world with a particular impact on water and energy aspects.