Since the creation of NORTH LINE, the basis for the development of our business model has been based on independence and transparency in our performance, the special quality of our product and the commitment to our professional group and the environment in which we work.

This leads us to define with the maximum degree of fulfillment, a policy of responsibility with our human and environmental environment, leading us to apply proposals of management of social and environmental risks, analysis of balance between production and social development, and care of the environment.

We have specified these values in the following measures of constant and continuous application for each project and action we carry out:

To reach consensus and apply measures of well-being and equality among the human team of our company.

Directly dedicate 1% of the company’s profits to humanitarian aid in the water sector.

Developing the development of indigenous plantations.

To formalize for all our new offices in developing countries, training models of local human teams, bringing the value of our organization for human and professional development.